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5 October 2020, World Teachers’ Day

5 October 2020, World Teachers’ Day

World Teachers’ Day has been celebrated on October 5 every year since 1994. In 1966, UNESCO / ILO formed a committee to make some recommendations, discussing the performance of teachers around the world and their pros and cons.

 Following them, some guidelines on teacher status were drawn up and teachers’ status was recognized and signed as a profession.

 These recommendations primarily formulate a number of criteria related to the way in which the staff of educational institutions should be treated, their recruitment, the initial training they should have as well as the hard work that teachers must continue, their employment opportunities, and their working conditions.

The main theme of World Teachers’ Day is to “appreciate educators around the world, evaluate their skills and improve them“. In addition, the goal of World Teachers’ Day is to be considered as an opportunity to discuss issues related to teachers and teaching. 

UNESCO recommends that World Teachers’ Day be celebrated every year in international educational institutions to highlight the active role of teachers in community development and to recognize their importance to society.

 It may also accept the participation of some private companies to manage it seamlessly. Celebrating World Teachers ‘Day every year with a focus on one major theme each year will not only inspire, but also help to identify each of the teachers’ goals scientifically. 

World Teachers' Day
World Teachers’ Day

For example, the year 1997 focused on teacher empowerment, and in 1966 it published a draft UNESCO Recommendation on Teachers in 1998. This helps in identifying and improving the neglected aspects of education. 

These elements are very good for teachers and educational institutions.

The goal set by UNESCO on the occasion of World Teachers’ Day 2020 is “Teachers: Leading in Crisis, Reimagining the Future”.

They commented that by celebrating World Teachers’ Day, every single educational institution is highly motivated to enhance the skills of teachers, not to neglect their responsibilities, to recognize their responsibilities in society and to contribute to community development. Around 100 countries around the world celebrate World Teachers’ Day on October 5 every year. 

In addition, each country and state has a tradition of celebrating Teacher’s Day, even on a special occasion when they declare themselves. September 5 is celebrated as Teacher’s Day in India. In addition, the celebration of World Teachers’ Day inspires educational opportunities around the world as a great opportunity to connect with all countries.

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