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India: Manisha gang raped In UP, inida


UP: Yogi Adityanath, the best CM in the country gang-raped a girl named Manisha in Uttar Pradesh.

She had her tongue cut out and physically tortured.  Died while receiving treatment in critical condition in Asutri.

#Police: They were busy thwarting the farmers’ protests during the day and cremating the girl’s body without even telling her parents night after night and again they were busy with their work.

#Investigation_institutions: Tired of trying to figure out where 59 grams of drugs came from, tired and fell asleep at night

#Media: Keep busy convincing Kangana that demolition of house is not right.  It’s not even seen a New Sena day like that in that state with all the cameras sitting around Kangana’s legs as Y + security.

# Leaders: In Bihar elections, monkeys with beards and mustaches are busy playing with dogs.