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Free online courses – SV soft solutions

Free online courses – SVtrainings

There is an outrageous demand for trained IT professionals all around the globe.

People from developing countries like India aim to work in the IT sector in developed countries,

like the US, because of:

● Great pay scale

● Amazing work environment

● Great career opportunities

It’s difficult to get an opportunity to work in top companies of the world, because one of the

foremost criteria to work there is that one should possess the in-demand skills to land a

high-paying job.

It is the skill set of a person that differentiates them from the rest and positions them as the most

favourable one.

So, being an aspiring IT professional, one of the best ways is to equip yourself with skills that

the IT industry demands. And for that, you can enroll yourself in a top IT training institute in your


If you are already an IT bachelor’s degree holder, you need to polish your skills as per the

current demand in your industry.

But the world as we live in now is no more the world we were accustomed to. This coronavirus

pandemic has changed the entire landscape. What you could do earlier can’t be done today.

For the sake of the family’s health and their own, no IT professional wants to risk visiting a

training institute. But, at the same time, this pandemic has made it a necessity to upskill, as this

is the only way to sustain in this vulnerable world economy.

The solution for getting out of the rut and finding an opportunity amidst this chaos is Online IT


How can one learn or improve their IT skills through an

online training system?

To understand this, let’s first understand what an online training system is.

An online training system is better known as CBT (computer-based training) or e-learning or

distance learning.

It holds the interaction between the students and the instructor via online media, like

GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, Zoom Meetings, WebEx meetings, chat, or any other

web-based communication.

This training happens entirely on the internet and involves the use of multimedia like – audio and

video, web links, etc.

With online training, your mentor can:

● Connect with you on a video call

● Explain you everything via screen sharing

● Analyze your progress

● Debug your doubts through online classes, and

● Support you with a lot of other things

The real benefits of online IT training compared to offline IT


● The online IT training is open for all. There is no age barrier to learning online

● Anybody can take an IT course from anywhere, anytime. That’s how flexible learning

online is

● The study-material can stay with the students for a lifetime so they can reference it back

● Mentors can focus on students individually, which makes learning and understanding

course content better

● With more time in hand, students can invest that time in practicing what they learn

● Anyone can choose from the best institutions across the country and learn from the

experts from the comfort of their homes

● Some good institutes provide online support to help clear all the doubts and queries of

its students

● Information that you learn online stays with you for longer than any other form of learning

With all these benefits of learning online, anyone can pave a way to a bright and thriving IT

career abroad or anywhere desired.

The next question to answer is:

Which skills are in high demand in the IT sector?

Now you know that learning online is better but, what should you learn to improve your skills.

Check out the list of skills and course that are in high demand in the IT industry; pursuing which

can help land an aspiring IT professional a high-paying job, can give an existing IT professional

a raise and overall upskill your talent:

1. Service Now

2. AEM 6.4

3. Mulesoft (Mule 4)

4. SCCM 2016

5. Business Analyst

6. Quality Analyst

7. HL7 with Mirth Connector

8. Dev Ops

9. Tableau 10

10. MSBI & Power BI

11. Data Science & ML

12. Big Data using HADOOP

13. Splunk

14. VMWARE Administration

15. Python with Django

16. Java & related technologies

17. Microsoft Dot Net and related technologies

18. WebUI

19. SAP Hybris

20. GIS

21. Abinitio

22. Amazon Web Services

23. PeopleSoft campus solutions

24. Cyber security related technologies

After selecting the course, the next thing to worry about is where to learn it from? And what all

should one consider before selecting the training institute for your online learning?

Let’s find out:

Things to keep in mind to choose the best IT training


If you don’t choose the right institute and training platform to upskill yourself, it will not be just a

loss of money, but a loss of time, energy and, most importantly, put your career at risk! But we

don’t want that to happen to anyone.

So the first thing to consider in an institute is if it has proper infrastructure. A technical setup that

is robust enough to support all their training and students online.

Next, the training mentors should be professional, communicative, and experienced enough to

provide software-related training courses on different technologies to their students.

Not a lot of institutes check all the options mentioned above. There are very few institutes in

India which take care of everything mentioned above and deliver world-class IT lessons.

But you need not worry. To ease the pressure off your head, let us tell you about one such

institute which can upskill you and can prepare you for a lucrative career.

One of the best in providing IT Training is: SV Soft Solutions.

Make your next move wisely

Every IT professional should choose mentors wisely. Choosing the right mentor and institute

can not only upskill your career but also stimulate personal and professional goals.

SV Soft Solutions is an online software training institute that has a plethora of training courses

and options to choose from. No matter what skill one wants to improve upon, they have

something for everyone.

Their contact details and social media details are available on the official website

https://svsoftsolutions.com .

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