Corona positive for Donald Trump couple Donald Trump, Melania Trump

Corona positive for Donald Trump couple Donald Trump, Melania Trump

Corona is a positive confirmation for US President Donald Trump, his wife and US First Lady Melania Trump. He himself revealed this. Trump tweeted that they are currently in the home quarantine. Within hours of Corona’s positive response to Trump’s adviser Hope Hicks, Coronas was also confirmed to the presidential couple.

Trump recently participated in the US presidential election campaign with Hope Hips. Authorities believe Trump may have contracted the virus from her. Corona positive confirmation for Trump has now become a hot topic just as the US election campaign is nearing its final stage.

The corona was initially positive for Donald Trump’s adviser Hope Hicks. Vigilant White House staff conducted corona tests on President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump. Subsequent results confirmed a corona positive for both.

Hope Hicks will be with President Trump wherever he goes. He often travels with Trump on an Air Force One plane. Hope Hicks also accompanied Trump to a recent presidential debate in Ohio. She traveled with Trump in a Marine One helicopter after a rally in Minnesota.

Trump took part in the first presidential debate in Cleveland, Ohio, two days ago. The debate with Democratic candidate Joe Biden was heated.

The two discussed a wide range of issues, including health, justice, racism and the economy. The debate was hosted by 72-year-old American news channel Fox News anchor Chris Wallace. Corona allowed only a limited number of people in the wake of social distance regulations. No longer did the two leaders shake hands due to the corona boom

 Earlier, Trump tweeted that he and Melania Trump were waiting for the results of the Kovid-19 test, and that they were in the quarantine at the moment. “Kovid-19 turned out to be positive for Hope Hicks, who worked very hard without even taking a short break. That’s why I, my wife Melania Covid-19 are waiting for test results. In the meantime, we are in the quarantine, “Donald Trump tweeted.